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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unabridged Happiness: Character Makeovers?

Ok guys! I'm guilty don't shoot! Yes, yes 2 weeks of no chapters...Dang I suck at commitment! But I promise I'll get a couple chapters out soon. Just a question for you all! I recently have discovered some new CC that gives sims better eyes, better skin, and stuff like that. Would it be wrong if I made-over the main 3 characters so far. Just adding nicer freckles, or change up their outfits. Nothing major at all! Just tell me in the poll down below or comment!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unabridged Happiness: Chapter 2

Hey guys! Sorry about no preview this chapter, Thank High School touring for that. XD Anywho I hope you enjoy this chapter. Also click the music player down below and get some good audio sustenance. Now on with the chapter! And don't forget to comment. ;D

January 22th, 2011 (11:00 AM)

Starting anew is something that can take a turn for the worse or become the refreshing sense you need. And also with these changes and new beginnings come changes and chances that will change your life. Just like mine…..
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JUST KILL ME PLEASE! Oh please please please God I don’t want to die!
“Jada! Come on quit moping and get out of the freakin’ taxi!”
I yank myself uneasily out of the taxi reeking of potato-chips and barf, and my eyes meet color.

I let my head lean forward and a frown emboss my face. I am not going to live in this deserted town!

“JADA! For the love of God come on inside!”
My back slumps as I yank the suitcase from the ground and mope my way into her bright little house.

And again I’m met with too much perky. It’s like someone just barfed happiness all over my eyes!
How in hell am I expected to live in this colorful barf hole?

My hand crashes the clunky suitcases onto the ground, and a loud empty thud echoes through the room. Now where’s that trophy husband and daughter she has been yakking on and on and ON, about for the last TWO hours.

“Sydney’s at preschool and Jeff is at the office, but don’t worry they’ll be here any minute.”
Oh yes, because all I want right now is an ankle-biting toddler and a boring stuck-up husband to scream/bore me to deaf.
Thanks God, it’ll be a lovely 6 months here won’t it?

“Come on Sis, I’ll show you your room” Says Natalia as she waltzes to a small door in the hallway.
“Now it’s kinda small and maybe not the best of conditions, but it is probably doable”
PROBABLY? Oh joy this shall be just “greattttt”

She yanks on the door handle and it opens with a loud groan.
And there it is the ugliest room I’ve ever been in.
Now how in the world does Natalia make a STORAGE ROOM look pink and prissy!?!

I mumble incoherently under my breath and run my hand through my hair.
“So this is it Natalia? You gotta be bitchin’ me right?”
Natalia shoots me a cold glaze and sputters
“Y-yess…But here I’ll clean it up if you go clean yourself up, you look all frumpy right now.”

My eyes glaze to look down at my rumpled outfit. Damn it why does everything have to be perfect to her.
I groan loudly and say “Ugh…Sure whatever”

After slamming the bathroom door and stripping silently in the cold bathroom, I turn the handle on the faucet and watch the steamy water rush from the shower head.

As I step insider the shower and my feet touch the bare tile, tingles ride up through my body. The heat soothing the pain and anger inside me if only for a bit.
It does seem showers are my one quiet escape sometimes from the pain.

I finally slip out of the shower into the cold air of the bathroom. My hands feel around for a towel and I wrap it around my dripping body.
“Ugh…That room better be clean now or I swear to…”

Out of nowhere the door jerks open and a man appears. As my hands go up in pure shock, the towel falls down hitting the floor with a silent thud.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I scream in pure terror!
His face turns a whole new shade of crimson as he runs back out into the hall.
My head is spinning as I swipe for the towel, but the only thought in my head was,
That man was cute.

Thanks for reading! And sorry about the SUPER horrible delay. Let's just blame it on Modthesims I swear it would've been faster if they had let me download some items I need (ie: Towel and such) But no fear I shall be more prepared next time! Scouts honor...Er Girl Scout's honor?



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unabridged Happines: Chapter 2 (Delay)

Ok ok guys don't kill me! Kill for the story there is a vital custom content item I need (Can't tell or it may ruin the stoyrline) and the site has been down from 4pm to 9am TOMORROW! Yeah thanks Modthesims I've been working all day on the story and photos and there you go making me mad! Anywho the chapter is already late and I understand completely if you slightly peeved. But things happen and I'm sorry. BUT the chapter will be out tomorrow and because there was no intro it will be longer and super more exciting. Also we will get to see a love-interest of Jada! EEEP! (Hint) Anywho I'm sorry and all that blah! Lookout tomorrow!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Unabridged Happiness: Chapter 1 (Whole)

Guys you are amazing! 154 views in a WEEK! It's a wonder what advertising on websites will do! Get ready for a very informative chapter. We shall see the personality of Jada and it may be the most "colorful" personality I've seen on a sim. I would love to thank you all! Please I would love some more comments too! So enjoy.

January 20th, 2011 (2:00 PM)
I had now hit rock bottom. There was no going back. With no ropes or ledges to pull myself up on, I was stuck. So she decided it was her goal to throw that rope down to me. And this was going to be one long climb up.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unabridged Happiness: Chapter 1 Preview (Blog)

Well Hello again! Here's a much better quality of the Chapter 1 Preview! It should be out by next Friday and then we should be on schedule from then. That means that after Chapter 1 comes out, There will be a Chapter every Friday and a preview every Sunday. Ok then let's read!

January 20th, 2011
That night caused the chance I needed. I never knew what I was doing to myself. I had to start over or else something worse would happen. So I did….

Friday, February 4, 2011

Unabridged Happiness: Intro (Blog)

Hello and Welcome to the Intro of Unabridged Happiness! If your wondering where the name comes from, it relates to the fact that Bridgeport's main focus is the large bridge. But when Jada is taken from Bridgeport she has lost her bridge and must find a new happiness. Please comment as I would greatly appreciate it.

January 19th,2011

Happiness is always a choice. I never seemed to understand that it was a choice. That was until now.